A shiny new ride.

Picture 8Picture 7For three years I’ve been biking around the streets of Toronto on an ancient CCM Caprice. We’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship… “Beatrice the Beater” has faithfully carried me from point A to point B and kept me Public Transit free for several summers now. She also happens to weigh a ton and needs to have just about every part replaced. Suffice it to say, it’s time for a new ride. Luckily, my wonderful husband is very talented and is building me a new road bike this summer. I’ve given him these photos as inspiration. Can’t wait for my new baby to be ready!

 Photo credits: Oakwood Bike Hanger by Woodstick Ltd. (Top), Field Cycles (Bottom Left), Brooks Saddle (Bottom Right).


Travel | On The Road


Picture 6

I’m craving a road trip so bad. Not sure what caused it but I’ve got this urge to take off and see things. East Coast, West Coast, Canada or the States… I’ll go anywhere. Please and thanks!

Photo credits: Foster Huntington (Top), Jon Shack (Bottom Left) and Olga Krayevska (Bottom Right).

Florals | Adieu Adieu

Picture 5

I’ve never liked goodbyes.

Because my parents traveled so much when my brother and I were younger I sort of got used to leaving friends and family over the years. I quickly figured out that if I didn’t let anyone get too close to me then it hurt less when we would eventually move away. But some people just get you to love them no matter how much you try to keep your walls up… Lisa is one of those. Saturday was my final day with Sweet Woodruff and there is now a little hole my heart.

I started working at SW a little under a year ago and it has been the most amazing experience. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I biked past that wee shop last summer. I had no idea how much I would learn about floral design and styling but also about myself and the things that bring me joy. I also never expected to meet such wonderful people and form the incredibly deep life-giving friendships that I did. I feel spoiled rotten.

Thank you Lise for giving me so much. You’ve passed on so much knowledge and skill and you’re trust, patience and friendship mean the world to me. I can’t wait to see the beautiful things you’ll do next!

Photo credit: Tara McMullen (Left) & Vicky Starz (Right)