Styling | Margaret Lim Bridal

6E6A7619Picture 36E6A7940Picture 46E6A7850This July I was privileged to collaborate with Christine Lim, a dear friend and incredibly talented photographer! Over the past year Christine has really been pushing me to go after some major goals. When she asked me to work with her on this shoot I was so honored and excited. And when I found out that the lovely Celine Kim would be our hand model I was over the moon!

I decided on some delicate blooms and a muted colour palette to bring out the soft beauty of Margaret’s pieces. Her work is timeless and wonderfully unique which gave me the idea to pin all of the flower buds around Celine’s hands almost as if they were butterfly specimens in an old museum.

I had such an amazing day with these wonderful ladies (especially little Eloise!) and as always, Christine’s shots are breathtaking. Be sure to check out Margaret’s website for more of her bridal jewelry line.





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