Styling | Sweet Ice Snow Cones


What’s not to love about a snow cone? It’s sweet, it’s refreshing and it’s pretty darn instagram-worthy.

Meg and Linds picked up on this a couple of years ago and started Sweet Ice Snow Cones, an amazing business that has taken a classic summer treat and revamped it by using all-natural local ingredients. Gone are the days of blue, purple and red. You’ll find they offer up flavors like Apple Cider, Strawberry Lime and Blueberry Lemonade instead! Much better, am I right?

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Aisling Turtle of Oak & Myrrh Photography on their most recent photo shoot. We drew our inspiration from Kinfolk’s Issue 7 (Floral Scoops) and I went to town putting together some fruit and flower arrangements. I wanted to showcase the all-natural ingredients that go into each and every bottle of Sweet Ice syrup and of course the floral additions aren’t part of the syrup recipes but we decided to play around with some abstract looks and I think it really paid off!Picture 3Picture 1IMG_7795IMAGE4IMG_7617Picture 2Picture 4IMG_7552

Thanks for an awesome day Meg and Linds. Can’t wait for more fun projects like this one!

For additional photos check out Aisling’s blog.