Places | Easy Tiger Goods

Picture 2 untitled-1291 untitled-1288 Picture 1 untitled-1298Seems like Toronto is always bursting with new shops and restaurants and now that we live in Hamilton it’s a treat to travel into the city every once in a while to check some of them out. One of my main destinations this past visit was Easy Tiger, a perfectly curated little store on Dundas Street West. Not only does this place have the best name ever, they also carry some of my favourite makers including Dieppa Restrepo, Falcon Enamelware, Province Apothecary and Odette just to name a few. Plus I’ve heard that they’re now selling beautiful ceramic work by my dear pal Danica Drago!

Be sure to pay them a visit and while you’re there feel free to pick me up some gold rings and a knit headband or two… just saying.

Photos by Justin Aitcheson.


A shiny new ride.

Picture 8Picture 7For three years I’ve been biking around the streets of Toronto on an ancient CCM Caprice. We’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship… “Beatrice the Beater” has faithfully carried me from point A to point B and kept me Public Transit free for several summers now. She also happens to weigh a ton and needs to have just about every part replaced. Suffice it to say, it’s time for a new ride. Luckily, my wonderful husband is very talented and is building me a new road bike this summer. I’ve given him these photos as inspiration. Can’t wait for my new baby to be ready!

 Photo credits: Oakwood Bike Hanger by Woodstick Ltd. (Top), Field Cycles (Bottom Left), Brooks Saddle (Bottom Right).

Spaces | Gladstone Hotel


This weekend I was lucky enough to stay at the Gladstone Hotel and it was just as wonderful as I had hoped it would be! Might sound a little silly but I’ve been wishing for an evening in this historic building since I first laid eyes on it during my early days in Toronto.

The Canadiana Room, crafted by architect and interior designer Jenny Francis, is light and cozy and beautifully put together. I woke up feeling like I had slept in a very well-styled nest. Now I’m inspired to liven up our room with a couple really great light fixtures and some new textures and colours!

Styling | Playing with My Food


Picture 1

Picture 2



A few months ago I was given the opportunity to get involved in a photo shoot for Sweet Woodruff. This was my first foray into food styling and I was definitely battling some nerves as I attempted to slice the perfect piece of cake and place raspberries as delicately as I could. Despite my newbie jitters the results are lovely and I could not be more pleased!

Lisa Collins and Vicky Starz are the immensely talented duo who dreamt up the concept for this gorgeous shoot. A huge thanks to both of them for including me in the fun!

P.S. The shoot was featured on Ruffled! So rad.